Foreign Language Courses

English for Academic Purposes

General Information

The EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Program is an extension of the English Preparatory Program designed to help first-year students that have passed the Bilgi English Language Placement Test (BİLET) and have been admitted into their program as first-year students. Students are placed in an EAP class with their respective departments. The EAP Program at Bilgi is unique in that academic skills are taught based upon the varying academic needs of each department. The EAP Program instructors consult with content professors to focus on academic skills students will need to be successful throughout their academic careers at Bilgi University.

The goal of the EAP Program is to improve the academic and critical thinking skills that students will need in their future academic careers at Bilgi University. It is designed not only to broaden students’ academic pursuits but also to develop their awareness of a range of contemporary social issues and their place within them. The EAP Program is also a support system for continuing English language skills that students will need.

The course is a blended-learning course and students both attend class and work online. Students meet for a three hour class once a week, and are also expected to do one hour online using BilgiLearn. Each instructor is also available for office hours with students. These extra hours are used for individual feedback sessions so that students can receive extra support as needed. The EAP Program offers a two- semester course providing 3 credits for each semester.

The program teaches using a skills-based integrated approach. In other words, students study academic skills that are built around content readings, themes, vocabulary, projects and assignments that are relevant to their future studies in their departments. Students also learn how to negotiate an asyncronous online learning environment. All materials are developed by qualified native instructors to serve departmental needs.

The successful completion of the program depends on the students’ regular attendance since they are evaluated on an on-going basis. Timely submission of homework and group assignments as well as making appropriate use of out-of-class resources are very important to a student’s success. For these reasons, it is vital that students attend lessons and complete assignments on time.