Foreign Language Courses

ELS 107-108

ELS 107 – 108 (Elective and Prerequisite Courses)

Undergraduate English Language Skills Courses (ELS 107 - 108)

ELS 107 (Fall) -108 (Spring) courses are the elective courses for departments whose medium of instruction is Turkish and who want to develop their English skills further. There is a prerequisite between ELS 106 and ELS 107 courses. That means students have to pass ELS 106 in order to be able to take ELS 107 course. Similarly, students have to pass ELS 107 to be able to take ELS 108 course. ELS 107-108 are English courses that aim to bring A1 level students to A2 level. The students took ELS 105 and 106 courses and studied A1 level or have already achieved A1 level before they came to university. The course will build on and expand the basic structures with the addition of the past tenses, future tenses. Also, a review of basic verb patterns and present tenses are provided in the use of language. The course will teach strategies for developing four language skills. Skills development will include listening for gist and simple details, learning pre-reading and while-reading strategies that enable the student to organize the reading process, speaking in most familiar, everyday life situations with progressing confidence, and writing a short unified paragraph.

Students who complete the courses successfully will be able to;

  • Build A2 level language skills and experience
  • Build A2 level reading skills
  • Build A2 level writing skills
  • Build A2 level listening skills
  • Build A2 level speaking skills

Hours per week: 3 hours in -class +1 hour online
Credits: 3


Course Requirements


Students need to:

  • bring the course book indicated by the instructor to every class.
  • bring any materials the instructor places on reserve at the copy center or posted online.


Students are advised to attend classes regularly. Failure to attend classes regularly will result in losing track of the ongoing process of learning as well as missing valuable opportunities to get feedback on their progress. Regular attendance and active participation will constitute 10 points of the total grade.


Participation is different from attendance. It requires:

  • contribution to class discussions and activities.
  • acting with academic courtesy and academic honesty.
  • bringing all the materials needed to class.
  • following online pages regularly.

Bilgi Learn Pages

Since according to university rules all announcements on the online page are official, heeding these announcements is students’ responsibility. Therefore, students need to:

  • carefully follow the announcements and materials provided through Bilgi Online Education Pages. Students are advised to check the Online Education page at least a day before each class in order to follow weekly pacing and announcements.

Academic Courtesy

Academic courtesy means acceptable behavior in an academic environment. In other words, students are expected to arrive to class on time, show respect to peers and instructor, and come to class prepared with the necessary materials. Moreover, students are responsible for following rules of classroom conduct in addition to university rules. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.

Academic Honesty

Unethical behavior such as cheating and plagiarism will be officially recorded by the academic staff and reported to the Student Affairs Office which will result in disciplinary action and failing grade on the task or assignment. Plagiarism is claiming somebody else’s work as your own and it is students’ responsibility to credit work they have cited.

“Burden of Proof”: If the instructor doubts that a student has completed his or her work independently, it is the student’s responsibility to show that he or she completed the task on his or her own at each and every stage. Failure to provide evidence is grounds for receiving a failing grade on the assignment.


Courses are assessed with on-going assessment tools. All throughout the course, there will be quizzes, assignments/homework, in-class and take-home studies and participation grades will constitute the final grade of the course.
Quizzes and assginments/homework missed due to absence cannot be made up.


Letter Grades


95 – 100


90 – 94


85 – 89


80 – 84


75 – 79


70 – 74


65 – 69


60 – 64


55 – 59


50 – 54


0 – 49


* Please note that course requirements and assessment policies / procedures are subject to change based on the student needs and profile.